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By Forest Hills Dermatology
December 27, 2017
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What your dermatologist in Forest Hills, NY wants you to knowlaser hair removal

If you have unwanted hair, you’ve probably thought about electrolysis, but have you ever thought about laser hair removal? The truth is lasers are used in many fields, including dermatology. There are many skin conditions that lasers can treat, and one of them is removing unwanted hair. Dr. Tamara Moss at Moss Dermatology in Forest Hills, NY wants to introduce you to this very effective, quick method to remove unwanted hair.

How Does it Work?

Dr. Moss uses the LightSheer Diode Laser which produces a focused beam of light. The light affects hair follicles, causing them to be unable to produce hair growth. There are many advantages of the LightSheer Diode Laser when compared to electrolysis. For example, the LightSheer Diode Laser system is:

  • More comfortable; the handpiece cools the skin during treatment, only damaging the hair follicle and not the skin around it.
  • More versatile; laser treatment can remove hair from your chin, lip, underarms, and other small areas, but it can also remove hair from large areas including your back, legs, and bikini area.
  • Much faster; the laser pulses for a tiny fraction of a second, and typically patients require fewer treatments to eliminate hair growth. Many patients report permanent hair loss after 3 to 5 treatments.

Laser treatments are completely safe and usually take between a few minutes to an hour, depending on the area being treated. You may experience a tingling feeling with treatment, and your skin may appear slightly red after treatment, however, these effects disappear soon after your visit. There is no downtime, so you can get back to enjoying your day.

If you are tired of plucking, shaving, and electrolysis, it’s time to experience state-of-the-art laser hair removal. Why settle for old-school methods when you can enjoy the convenience, comfort, and effectiveness of laser hair removal? For more information about laser hair removal and other dermatology treatments call Dr. Tamara Moss at Moss Dermatology in Forest Hills, NY today!

By Forest Hills Dermatology
October 27, 2017
Category: Skin Care
Tags: Microdermabrasion  

Sun spots, stretch marks, fine lines and wrinkles create a look you're just not happy with. You'd like a refreshed, younger appearance, but microdermabrasioncomplex plastic surgery procedures are costly, and frankly, you don't want them. What's a good alternative for your mild cosmetic skin issues? Microdermabrasion from our Forest Hills, NY dermatologist, Dr. Tamara Moss, could be your answer.

What exactly is microdermabrasion?

Minimally invasive, comfortable and budget-friendly, microdermabrasion from Moss Dermatology in Forest Hills is a marvelous cosmetic skin procedure that produces amazing results. Gentle, yet effectively removing and smoothing thickened and discolored areas of the epidermis on the face, microdermabrasion achieves a rejuvenated, smooth look for patients of all ages.

Teens, for instance, benefit from microdermabrasion when their skin has been pockmarked with acne scars, thickened by rosacea or marred by blackheads. Adults like the anti-aging benefits of this 30-minute treatment as Dr. Moss uses it to:

  • Smooth fine lines and wrinkles, such as crows feet
  • Lighten the appearance of sun and age spots
  • Decrease the look of stretch marks and large pores
  • Activate collagen, a protein responsible for the youthful appearance and elasticity of skin

How microdermabrasion works

Your Forest Hills dermatologist will examine your skin and tell you if microdermabrasion is right for you. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons urges you to seek treatment from a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon who will fully evaluate your overall health and knows the proper way to apply this cosmetic skin treatment.

There's really no special preparation or after care for microdermabrasion. Dr. Moss may use either a exfoliating crystal and vacuum or a special diamond head wand to gently scrap away the outer layer of your skin. She'll concentrate on specific areas of concern, such as age spots, according to your individualized care plan.

Patients report a mild vibrating sensation during microdermabrasion. Afterwards, the skin looks more taut and clearer. While minor bruising, redness and puffiness often results post-procedure, these side effects quickly fade.

Most of Dr. Moss's patients see noticeable improvement on even the most stubborn of skin defects with just one microdermabrasion session. Follow-up sessions are scheduled as needed to treat more extensive flaws, and periodic touch-ups continue the rejuvenated look that microdermabrasion creates.

Learn more

Dr. Moss and her friendly team would love to show you more about microdermabrasion and the other aesthetic services offered at Moss Dermatology. For your personal consultation, just contact our Forest Hills, NY office at (718) 268-3161.

By Forest Hills Dermatology
August 17, 2017
Category: Skin Care

Laser treatments offer a pain-free way to improve the appearance of your skin. With the help of our Forest Hills, NY, dermatologist, Dr. facial photorejunevationTamara Moss of Moss Dermatology, you can benefit from IPL facial photorejuvenation, an innovative cosmetic dermatology treatment.

Who can benefit from IPL treatments?

Intense pulsed laser (IPL) treatments are used to treat a variety of skin conditions that affect the face, including:

  • Acne: Pimples develop when your pores become clogged with sebum. Although the oily substance helps keep your skin soft, too much of it can cause acne. IPL treatments shrink your sebaceous glands, reducing the production of oil. The laser treatment also increases collagen production, which may decrease scarring from acne lesions.
  • Fine Lines and Wrinkles: Increasing collagen production also helps diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Collagen is a natural body protein responsible for skin elasticity and tone.
  • Age Spots, Freckles and Dark Patches: It's not unusual to develop a few age spots, freckles or darker areas of skin as you age. IPL treatments target and break down melanin, the pigment that gives the spots their color. After the melanin breaks down, it's absorbed by your body.
  • Broken Capillaries, Spider Veins and Rosacea: Laser treatments are just as effective at breaking up the red blood cells that make broken capillaries, spider veins or areas of red skin noticeable.
  • Hair Removal: If you're tired of tweezing and waxing stray hairs, you may want to consider IPL treatments instead. The energy generated by the laser stops new hairs from growing by damaging hair follicles.

Is IPL treatment painful?

Producing laser light in pulses, rather than one continuous beam, helps eliminate pain. In fact, most people only notice a mild warmth or stinging sensation during their sessions. Before you begin your treatment in our Forest Hills office, we'll apply a cool gel to your skin to help keep you comfortable and reduce skin irritation. During the treatment, a stream of cool air aimed at your skin will reduce the sensation of warmth. You can immediately return to your usual activities after an IPL session. Although you may notice slight reddening of your skin, it will disappear within a few days.

Cosmetic dermatology treatments like IPL facial rejuvenation offer a simple, effective way to enhance your appearance. Call our Forest Hills, NY, dermatologist, Dr. Moss of Moss Dermatology, at (718) 268-3161 to schedule your appointment.

By Forest Hills Dermatology
June 15, 2017
Category: Skin Care

Chemical skin peels in Forest Hills, NY, at Moss Dermatology can be used for a variety of reasons to improve the appearance of the skin chemical peelwith little to no downtime. A chemical solution is applied directly to the skin causing it to blister and eventually peel off. This leads to younger-looking skin.

More about Skin Peels

This cosmetic procedure exfoliates the skin gently so the skin will look softer and smoother. It can help improve acne, fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, freckles, melisma, sun damage and even uneven pigmentation or texture. Lifeless or dull skin can be restored with just one chemical skin peel. Chemical skin peels in Forest Hills can be done on the neck, face or even the hands.

After a chemical peel, the skin may be temporarily sensitive to the sun, so wearing sunscreen daily is even more important. Fair-skinned or light-haired patients are generally the better candidates for these peels. For those with darker skin, you may also have good results depending on the skin problem being treated. Individuals with severe wrinkles, bulges or skin sags most often do not respond well to this treatment. Laser resurfacing may be the answer for these patients.

Before a chemical peel, a doctor will ask if you have a history of cold sores, scarring or facial x-rays. Antibiotics or antiviral drugs may be prescribed before your peel. Your doctor will determine the depth of the peel depending on the condition of your skin and your treatment goals overall.

The skin is first cleansed thoroughly before your peel. Next, a chemical solution is applied to the skin (determined beforehand). During a chemical peel, patients will feel a burning sensation that lasts around five to ten minutes following by some stinging. Cool compresses will ease this feeling. Pain medication may be required for those enduring a deeper peel.

To learn more about chemical skin peels in Forest Hills, NY, from Moss Dermatology, call to schedule an appointment today at 718-268-3161.

By Forest Hills Dermatology
May 08, 2017
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Do you feel as though you are wasting hours of your life with shaving your unwanted body hair every day? Luckily, if this is true for you, laser hair removalyou can get rid of your body hair once and for all with laser hair removal performed right in your dermatologist’s office. Find out more about laser hair removal and how it can benefit you with Dr. Tamara Moss at Moss Dermatology in Forest Hills, NY.

What can laser hair removal do for me? 
Laser hair removal is a lasting, permanent way to remove your unwanted hair. Your laser hair removal technician can precisely target the area you wish to remain hairless while leaving the surrounding skin untouched. Additionally, the procedure is quick and covers the area quickly. For example, a laser hair removal section for a small area like the upper lip or between the eyebrows can take less than a minute. Laser hair removal eliminates the need to shave, wax, or pluck your unwanted body hair.

What can I expect during a laser hair removal procedure? 
Hair removal uses the contrast in color between the hair and the skin to target the unwanted hair. The laser beams powerful, concentrated light into the hair follicle, destroying it and preventing it from producing hair in the future. Most patients report that laser hair removal feels like a rubber band being snapped onto the skin. During your procedure, you will sit or lie on an examination table and your hair removal technician will aim the laser’s wand at the targeted area. The laser will pulse about every second while your technician moves it along the area. Your doctor may recommend cooling gel or lotion applied before or after treatment to help deal with any irritation which may occur.

Laser Hair Removal in Forest Hills, NY
A good candidate for laser hair removal has realistic expectations for their results and is in good general health. Laser hair removal requires several sessions to achieve permanent hair loss. While some patients see their final results in as little as three sessions, others may require up to ten. If you think you could benefit from laser hair removal, consult with your doctor at Moss Dermatology.

For more information on laser hair removal, please contact Dr. Tamara Moss at Moss Dermatology in Forest Hills, NY. Call (718) 268-3161 to schedule your laser hair removal session with Dr. Moss today!

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